RemDry™ presentation

RemDry™ was developed, to provide growers with a simple, effective and sustainable solution for managing remnant waste liquids containing Plant Protection Products (PPPs) on-farm. RemDry™ features an innovative tank design and a mobile cleaning platform offering flexibility to the grower.


  • Costs and complexity for growers are reduced, since the RemDry™ tank and cleaning platform do not need fixing on a concrete surface
  • RemDry™ tanks can be sold alone as independent units to growers that already have a cleaning platform
  • Can manage waste liquids containing mixtures of PPPs, except oils forming a layer that prevents evaporation
  • Minimizes the amount of residue for disposal, since only dry residue remains after evaporating the liquid
  • Grower can monitor water consumption for cleaning on-farm by recording water level in the tank after any input
  • Adapts to the farm size and the volumes of waste liquids that need managing, by installing multiple units
  • It requires minimal maintenance and is a long-term solution for on-farm waste liquid management
  • Enables growers to put into practice the requirements for the sustainable use of pesticides by preventing water contamination

The RemDry™ system is supported by Syngenta Crop Protection AG and co-developed with Ecomembrane Srl and Uptofarm Srl, a spin-off company of the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences (DISAFA) - University of Turin, Italy.


  • RemDry™ consists of an octagonal steel tank covered by a transparent roof and has openings on all sides. The design allows for maximum wind and sunlight passing through.
  • Easy and quick to install without need to fix it on a concrete surface (anchor points are available for greater stability).
  • The RemDry™ tank can hold up to 2500 L of waste liquid.
  • Equipped with a thick base liner and an extra internal liner to contain all waste liquids poured into the tank.
  • The water from the waste liquid is evaporated by the action of sunlight and wind, leaving PPPs residues as a dry deposit on the internal liner.
  • The liner is collected for safe disposal at a waste treatment center when dry deposit has built up to a level for disposal.
  • RemDry™ needs to be used according to local environmental regulations and to be placed at a safe distance from water courses and roads, work areas, domestic areas and animal holding areas on farms. Proper waste treatment centers also need to be available.


  • Made of robust and resistant PVC membrane.
  • Easy and quick to set up on bare ground and to use by unfolding/folding it on the spot.
  • Comes in two sizes useful for accommodating different sprayer types.
    ◦ orchard sprayers (mounted or trailed) and arable field boom sprayers (mounted or trailed) with boom lengths up to 12m (S type: 6x6m) or higher than 12m (L type: 6x12m).
  • To use during mixing and loading, for emptying spray mixture remnants left in the tank, and for cleaning sprayers.
  • Waste liquids are collected in the central sump and transferred by a pump to the RemDry™ tank.

RemDry™ installation


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